RemitFund aims to tackle unemployment and underemployment in Africa by empowering Africans in the diaspora to build and support inspiring social ventures that create jobs and foster development on the African continent.

We collaborate with money transfer operators and financial services providers to transform remittances into social investments that work for the continent’s advancement in the following SDG aligned sectors: 

1. Agribusinesses that improve food security and livelihoods for the rural poor

2. Health care providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers

3. Educational organisations providing low-cost and high quality schooling

4. Solar, wind and hydro-power businesses that address energy shortages

5. Sustainable mobility and habitation businesses

6. Eco-friendly businesses fighting climate change

RemitFund is a charitable organisation that was conceptualized with the support of leading organisations, including Ernst & Young, the Intentional Organisation for Migration, UnLtd and AFFORD, and by a consortium of impact investors, lawyers, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and economists with deep ties to the African continent.